Exam period = stress overload. But what could be possibly worse? Being sick AND having to do exams. Horrific!

So put the pot noodle down and step away from the red bull. Here are some tips to remain feeling healthy and fighting fit during the exam period.

1. Eat at regular intervals. It’s easy to get carried away, revising for hours at the library, not making time to refuel. Eating regular meals helps keep nutrient and energy levels stable and curbing the temptation from the left-over tin of quality street. So pack a selection of fruit and nuts to the library, to nibble on throughout the day.

2. Emotional eating. The exam period is no doubt stressful, so it’s easy to fall into the trap of emotional eating. But cutting out the junk food and eating nutritious meals will help you remain focused when revising. Fruit, veg, and oily fish especially will provide the nutrients your body needs to keep your body alert and active.

3. Sleep. You may feel pressurised to stay up all night, cramming in last minute revision. But this will contradict your hard work the next morning when your feeling exhausted. So try aim for 8 hours sleep, to the let your brain recharge enabling you to remain productive the next day.

4. Get moving. After spending many hours hunched at a desk, it’s important to stretch your muscles and raise your heart rate, to help remain focused and energised. Even if it’s just going for a walk outside, it will take your mind off your work and help you come back to it feeling refreshed.