Now that the days are getting longer, and the sun is beginning to peek, it gives us a great excuse to get out and about at the weekend.  So, forget the hangover and give a go at something new with these tried and tested activities!



No, I’m not trying to pull wool over your eyes. I know this photo was taken in Australia! However, paddle boarding is not just an activity for somewhere exotic. There are many places to paddleboard in Ireland and with a wetsuit, trust me it’s not as cold as it may look! Now, this is one heck of a complete over body workout. So, you’ll definitely feel the burn in your core, legs, back, shoulders and arms the day after!



We’re blessed in Northern Ireland, to access the most gorgeous hiking trails on our back-door step, with Cuilcagh and the Mourne mountains. This is a fun and free activity, whether you go alone or with family and friends. Hiking will work your hamstrings, calves, glutes, abs, quadriceps and hip muscles. So prepare to feel the burn, but dont worry, the view at the top is always worth it!



We’re lucky at Go Fitness that we have many local beautiful and scenic routes for a walk. The Brantry lough, the Argory, Dungannon park…the list goes on! So bring the dogs, take a picnic and let the fresh air clear your head.



This is not one just for the kids! Trampolining at We are vertigo in Belfast, always provides a great laugh and the perfect excuse to release your inner child. Not to mention this is some serious cardio without even realising, so prepare to sweat (and alot)! Check out their website, as they host an over 18s night on a Friday!


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