If your New Years resolution was in relation to exercise, then here are a few tips to keep you motivated all year round!


1. Remind yourself the benefits of exercise. Whether this is the energised and clear-minded feeling you receive post workout, dropping a dress size, or the confidence boost you receive. This will help remind yourself why it’s worth the work and dedication.

2. Give yourself a small reward for achieving your goals. For example, I tell myself if I give it my all in this workout, I’ll treat myself to a hot relaxing bubble bath after. Or if I achieve a large goal, il perhaps buy that dress I wanted.

3. Track your progress. Nothing destroys motivation when you’ve been training hard for months and feeling you’re getting nowhere. Most likely you are making progress however it’s difficult to spot changes if progress is gradual. This can be done by taking progress photos, writing it down, or noticing if your clothes feeling looser.

4. Expect to have small setbacks. We all receive setbacks in life, but don’t let that give you the excuse to give up on your goal. Push through, as trust me, the journey is worth it.