Recently home from a holiday indulging on icecream, cocktails and the hotel buffet? You may be feeling a little bloated and sluggish.

Don’t feel guilty. Relaxing your diet and exercise program every once in a while, will help you in the long-run. It is essential that we have time off – after all, life is all about balance.

However, if you want to reduce that bloated feeling here are a few tips. WARNING we can’t promise it will help your post-holiday blues!

Avoid Gassy Foods – Beans, cabbage, sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower are famous culprits for bloating, so try temporally cutting down on these vegetables. But make sure you still eat five portions of fruit and vegetables.

Magic Foods – Natural yogurt is great to eat when bloated, as it contains probiotics that regulate digestion. Try toppling with some fruit and a drizzle of honey for a snack or for breakfast. High potassium foods such as bananas are also recommended.

Hydrate – Fluids help flush waste out of your system and reduce water retention. Aim for 6-8 glasses of water per day and avoid fizzy drinks

Sip Peppermint Tea
– Famously known for relaxing your digestive tract to release any pent up gas or flatulence.

– This will help to stimulate the bowels.

Catch up on sleep – Aim for 7-8 hours

Note* Do not stress, skip meals or over-exercise to compensate. Bloating is only temporary water-retention and not weight gain.