Have you ever jumped onto the scales after a week of working your backside off at the gym and eating clean, to discover you haven’t lost any weight, perhaps worse – your weight has gone up? Well, don’t be disheartened or discouraged with your progress to becoming a healthier you.

There are many reasons why our weight alters daily, so here are a few why:

Muscle Gain

Last year I transformed my body for the Northern Ireland Fitness Model Association competition. Over the period of four months my body became stronger, leaner and significantly toned. Yet, in my after-photo I actually weighed 2lbs more. Moral of the story – muscle weighs more than fat.


Food Intolerance

As a suffer from coeliac disease, this has resulted in having a gluten intolerance. Therefore, if I consume any gluten my stomach will balloon until I look heavily pregnant! A food intolerance can cause inflammation and swelling in the gut which can cause water weight gain.

And More…

Depending on what you ate, how much water you have drank, what time of day it is, what you are wearing, if there was sodium in your food…basically, there are many reasons why your weight can fluctuate throughout the day!


To conclude, there are many reasons why our weight can change throughout the day. So do not rely on the scales to measure your progress, but to use only as a guide. I recommend taking body measurements, or take progress pictures to compare or simply try on those pair of trousers that were once too small.