Several years ago when our family farm converted from selling milk to eggs, it wasn’t until then I learned how important these versatile goodies are an important addition to our diet. With 16 thousand hens on the farm, (yes, your heard correctly!) the Irwin family are fortunate to have an abundant access to these health heroes.

Why are they a Hero Ingredient?

Eggs are a fantastic source of high quality protein that won’t break the piggy bank. Protein is a source of energy that helps us keep feeling full and satisfied throughout the day, additionally helps rebuild and repair your muscle tissue after your workout.

Eggs also provide a rich source of selenium, fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, and minerals such as zinc, iron and

Versatile and Quick

Throughout my time at university, it didn’t take long to discover the many ways of creating a cheap and quick meal with eggs. Whether poached, scrambled, boiled, or worked into savoury or sweet meals, eggs serve a never-ending role in the kitchen.

The Rumours

In the past, we were told to limit our intake of eggs as they contain cholesterol. However, current evidence shows dietary cholesterol does not increase our intake of heart disease. Recommendations on limiting egg consumption are relaxed by all major UK heart and health advisory groups, including the British Heart Foundation and the Department of Health.