Setting short term and long term goals I believe is crucial in order to succeed. Perhaps you’re looking to slip into that fabulous bikini this summer? Looking to complete your first 10k event? Whatever it is, I always set myself a SMART goal. Specific, Measurable, Action, Realistic and Timeframe. Remember that there are no quick fixes when it comes to fitness. It is a long yet rewarding road and I promise the benefits are more than worth it!!
Specific – ‘I want… to become more fit’ as a goal is too vague. What exactly do you want to achieve and how? Why do you want to do it?
Measurable – If you don’t make your goal measurable, how do you know you’ve reached it? It’s important to record your progress. Did you run an extra mile this week? Were you able to complete the plank for an extra 15 seconds? Record it. These small successes can build a momentum which will keep you motivated towards your overall goal.
Action – This means to outline specific steps that will enable you to successfully complete your goal. For example “In 6 weeks I want to be able to run 5k. I will achieve this goal by attending my fitness class once a week, complete one run at 40 minutes at a slower speed and a 20 minute interval run every week.
Realistic – You need to see yourself reaching the goal. It needs to be challenging without being overwhelming. You can’t expect to run a marathon after one gym session.
Timeframe – If your goal doesn’t have a time limit, you will have trouble starting and staying motivated until the end. Is it 6 weeks? 3 months? 5months?
On a more personal level, I have recently committed to a new and exciting fitness goal this year. You didn’t think I wouldn’t follow my own advice now would you? I can’t wait to share my exciting news with you all very soon!!