Don’t be frightened from the temptation that lurks with Halloween. Whether you’re trick or treating, or ditching the trainers for a night out, these tips can help you navigate the celebrations in a healthier way.

1. Don’t skip breakfast and lunch to compensate for your evening festivities. This will make your metabolism and blood sugars crash, creating the inevitable for a food and drink coma.

2.Going for a night on the tiles? Avoid sugar polluted cocktails, beer and wine. Stick to gin and tonic or vodka, lime and soda.

3.Having a Halloween party for children? Don’t stock the house with your absolute favourite kind of sweets and chocolate. So if you’re a chocoholic, stick to sweets therefore it will be less tempting.

4.Classic party game – Dunking for Apples. Great fun for all, with the additional nutritional value. It’s a win win!

5.Plan your Halloween treat in advance, making it specific – for example, you’ll have three fun-size bars of chocolate. If you create a plan, you’re more likely to stay in control.

6.The morning after – have a filling breakfast with fiber such as porridge, sprinkled with berries to help steady your blood sugar. Go for a workout however don’t use exercise as a punishment, but rather as a way to recharge your energy levels and confidence after a not-the-best eating day.