Long-term success in achieving a healthy lifestyle relies on consistency. Too often we can be a culprit of eating healthy and working out all through the week, yet when we see little progress come Friday we go off the bandwagon. Long-term lasting results will not happen from a quick fix. So stay calm, remain patient and trust the process.


Check out my tips for consistency.

1. Enjoy your food. Forget the idea eating healthily means a bowl of kale and a hungry belly for the rest of the night. I’d highly recommend downloading Tasty – this is a fantastic food app with some great ideas for whatever budget, taste and cooking abilities.

2. Enjoy your workouts. Find a workout that you actually enjoy and works for you, whether it’s a group class, a walk with the dog or a personal training session. So train hard, smile and you will most likely keep it up.


3. Plan and prepare your meals. Preparing meals ahead of time will help you make healthier choices. Instead of running to the deli counter for a sausage roll for lunch, you have a tasty lunch already sitting at your desk. Or, this can be as simple as taking a bottle of water and a banana out with you in the afternoon so you don’t get caught out with the munchies.

4. Watch your alcohol intake. Those few pints at the weekend could be slowing your progress. If you fancy a drink at the weekend, I’d recommend gin/vodka with soda water and lime to avoid the high sugar intake.