As the weeks are getting closer I have finally gotten the courage to post about this. On top of starting up my own business this year I have taken on the challenge of competing in NIFMA on the 7th June.

I wanted to better myself as a personal trainer and to gain more experience and knowledge in weight training and the extreme end of nutrition. I would never put any of my clients through something I havnt done myself.

I wanted to see how hard it was to get the so called “perfect body” that is in all the magazines and how many sacrifices it takes to get it. The training is not easy every morning I am doin cardio, with most days followed with a weights session. I am very lucky to have alot of support and a personal trainer who has became my training partner.

I normally wouldnt post a picture of myself like this, but I just wanted to show you my progress, and in 7 weeks I will be in a bikini so I might as well start practising. Set yourself a challenge that you wouldnt think you could do and you might surprise yourself #inspire