Go flippin mad for these gluten free, peanut butter pancakes. What makes this recipe even more amazing is that you only need 3 ingredients. Yes, ONLY 3!! I was very sceptical at first however as you can see from my video I trialled out these beauties today.
I added mine with some natural yoghurt, blueberries and cinnamon which made them taste even more amazing without the need to pile on the sugar.
Tip: This batter is naturally quite runny, so don’t panic!
For 12 small pancakes:
2 bananas, mashed
2tbsp peanut butter
2 eggs, beaten
•In a bowl mix all the ingredients together
•Melt 1 tbsp of coconut oil in a frying pan over a medium heat
•Pour 2tbsp of batter into the frying pan to form 1 pancake; continue to fill pan
•Cook until the edges begin to firm up and bubbles pop in the centre of the pancake
•Flip and repeat on the other side. Remove from pan and serve hot
This recipe is taken from The Kitchen Holiday