December has arrived! The season of gatherings, parties and the never ending offering of food and alcohol. You’ve worked hard all year, so don’t fall off the band wagon on the run up to Christmas. So here are a few tips to enjoy the upcoming parties, without the expense of an expanding waistline!

?Don’t skip meals (a rule I love to reinforce!) – Never arrive at a party hungry, so ensure you have had your three meals and healthy snacks to limit visits to the crisp bowl.

?Hydrate –Many mistake dehydration for hunger, therefore don’t forget to keep drinking water and herbal tea throughout the day. As dehydration mixed with alcohol will result to further dehydration, escalating to binge eating.

?Buffet – To discourage mindless eating, place your finger food on a plate or napkin, so you can monitoring how much you are eating.

?If you are entertaining at home, there is no excuse not to have healthy options on hand. Try some vegetable sticks with tomato based dips such as salsa, or mix some chopped herbs into low-fat yogurt, fruit platters, unsalted nuts or grilled cocktail sausages.

?Don’t feel guilty – The morning after, (yes, even if you’re hungover) get back into your diet and exercise plan. Whatever you do – don’t skip meals to compensate!