Its holiday time! And as many of you all know, I have been travelling as much as I can while the gym has been closed. It’s important to dedicate time for the mind and body to relax against the strain of our busy everyday lives. We all need to let loose from time to time however, moderation is key so that we don’t undo all of our hard work.

From experience, I find when travelling on holiday whether it’s a journey on the train or plane, our diet can get a little sidetracked with all the tempting options when in holiday mode. It’s important to enjoy our time off without getting stressed over our diet.

So here are a few tips that will help you stay on track without worrying about the scales when you get back!

PREPARE – This will prevent unhealthy splurges at the airport when in holiday mode. I recommend packing some rice cakes, protein bars and nuts to keep you satisfied before you arrive at your destination.

EXERCISE – Make the most of the weather and get walking. This is a great way to visit the sites and attractions. If your hotel has a gym, go for an early morning workout, as you’ll be more inclined to skip it as the day goes on. Even better, make use of the pool facilities!

Stay HYRADTED – When holidaying in the heat, I would recommend drinking an extra litre of water per day to prevent dehydration.

Don’ t let yourselves become too HUNGRY, as that is when we fail to resist temptation!

FOOD – Enjoy your main meal (after all you are on holiday!)
however, id recommended to choose a healthy side dish such as vegetables or salad. Swap ice cream for yummy sorbet to reduce calories.

ALCOHOL- You can still enjoy an evening tipple in the bar (wahey) however, choose lower alcoholic drinks such as vodka and gin. Try to avoid alcopops and beer to avoid that bloated feeling and sugar overload.

Most importantly, enjoy your time off wherever it may be!