This Girl Can’ campaign has taken storm in England; inspiring women to partake in sport. It launched with a mission to make women move and to forget about being judged as they immerse themselves in their favourite sport. As according to research from the campaign, it has shown that women are less physically active than men, particularly in the age group 16 to 40. Another statistic showed that75% of women want to become more active but aren’t. Why? As we worry that someone will see our thighs jiggle, our sweaty face and realise that we’re not a natural born athlete. This video shows women in shorts. Women in swimming suits. Women with cellulite and sweaty hair. Women with the audacity to wear no makeup at all. All these women look amazing and do they care what they look like to you and me? Absolutely not. It’s great to see a campaign to remind women that we’re not out to judge what you look like and to enjoy yourself. As the saying goes “ Sweat like a pig, feeling like a fox.”